Snow Science Party-A very cool experience

SNOW SCIENCE PARTY – Recommended for children 7 years & older

We have 2 different types of snow for this party. Okay, so it’s a fake snow that you’ll create but it’s still really really cool because it never melts and we have lots of bright snow colours to create a SNOWMAN each. The white snow looks just like real snow but be warned, our Arctic Chill Snow does not feel like real snow—it’s a bit squishy! Create a chemical change to make your snowman and then get extra creative and decorate the snowman to be one of a kind.

Next be amazed at how fast the BLIZZARD SNOW grows in your hand. This one is soft and fluffy feeling. After the snowy experiments, get energised playing an active science based game. Every child gets a special gift with this game plus you’ll have a bag full of your awesome experiments to take home.

With this party, you also get the following (at no additional cost):

  • Invitations
  • Science Party Boxes for all of the experimenting children*
  • Professor JellyBean carry bag
  • Dress up in lab coats and Science safety glasses (kids keep the glasses)
  • Colourful jelly bean tables & bright lime green chairs provided for the experimenting
  • A full hour of experimenting hosted by Professor JellyBean (time may vary slightly depending on the number of children participating)
  • A FREE Science Gift for the Birthday child.

* Additional party boxes can be purchased (for children not participating in the science experiments) @ $9 each which will also include the science glasses and world ball gift). Any child not participating in the science experiments will be able to participate for free in the active game at the end of the party.

$18/child(gst incl) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Parties Only. Not including public holidays.

$20/child(gst incl) – Friday, Saturday, Sunday Parties and public holidays.

Minimum 15 children or the equivalent fee

Number Of Children

We only charge for the number of children that participate on the day of the party.

We think it’s unfair to charge you for children that don’t turn up.

$18/child(gst incl)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Parties Only. Not including public holidays

$20/child (gst incl)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Parties and public holidays

1 to 15 children



16 children



17 children



18 children



19 children



20 children



21 children



22 children



23 children



24 children



25 children



We can cater for larger parties however, please advise us at the time of booking if you expect you party to exceed 25 children

Party Boxes included for each experimenting child at no additional cost (they’re like a party bag-but better!).

Party boxes subject to change without notice

(Additional party boxes can be purchased for $9 each)-ie for siblings and/or other party guest not participating in the experiments.

Party Box Contents: Tangy Tongue Lolly, Jelly Beans with a jelly bean experiment card & Crazy Ball.

You only pay for the children that are experimenting at the party (with the minimum being 15 kids) so if you quote us 20 children and only 16 arrived on the day; then we will only charge for the 16 children