OSHC/Vacation Care Rates (standard rates)

Payment is a per child fee, however, there is a minimum requirement of 30 children or the equivalent fee. Please note that we are currently creating the new 2018 science workshops and details should be available early February 2018. You can secure your booking NOW. Workshop Pricing is shown below

Science Workshop

Workshop Duration

Number Of Experiments


Cost Per Child

Minimum Fee

Workshop (A)

1 hour


Slimy Bubbles &
Never-Melting SnowBalls 


Workshop (B)

1 hour 30 minutes


Slimy Bubbles &
Never-Melting SnowBalls &

a Freaky Goo experiments we are still working on



Workshop (C)

1 hour


Currently not available for April Holidays 


Experiments can be switched from one workshop to another to suit (Not including Workshop C).

Please let us know at the time of booking if you’ll be making changes to the pre-set workshops. Three week payment term on invoicing.